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National Marketing Committee

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The National Marketing Committee is dedicated to amplifying the voice of roller hockey, shining a spotlight on the achievements and stories of clubs, volunteers and players alike. Our mission is to elevate the visibility and accessibility of our sport.

To make this happen, we collaborate closely with clubs, helping them share their stories, milestones, and events with a broader audience.

Our vision is clear: To grow the sport’s presence, attract new participants, and continuously generate enthusiasm and conversations around all the thrilling developments in the arena.

Primary Responsibilities

Club Story Sharing: We actively solicit match experiences and triumphs from clubs. Through Region Marketing collaboration, these narratives are shared on social media, drawing attention to club achievements and broadening our audience.

Internal Communication: Keeping our community informed is crucial. We set up regular channels of communication, like newsletters and meetings, to ensure everyone inside the association is updated and aligned.

Effective External Communication: The association's look and feel are defined through carefully crafted logos, colours, and digital content. Our responsibilities include website management, social media engagements, and tailored email campaigns.

Consistent Branding: Every piece of communication adheres to a set style, creating a unified and recognisable identity for our sport.

Media Collaboration: We prioritise fostering positive relationships with media houses and journalists, crafting media kits for significant events, and ensuring our representatives are primed for interviews.

Sponsor Engagement: We cultivate and maintain rewarding relationships with sponsors, designing sponsorship packages that resonate with the ethos of our sport.

Fan Interaction: Using social media and live events, we consistently engage with our sport's passionate fan base, ensuring they feel connected and valued.

Content Strategies: By working closely with clubs, we encourage and facilitate the contribution of match articles. This collaborative approach ensures a steady stream of fresh, authentic content.

Event Promotion: Whether it's a local match or an international championship, our role is to make sure it's marketed well, drawing in spectators and participants alike.

Feedback and Improvement: We value input from the community. Collecting feedback and insights helps us refine our strategies, ensuring our marketing efforts are always top-notch.

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