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Job Description: Club Team Officials

Committee Membership

Key Dates

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Position Overview

As the architects of coaching and player growth within the club, Team Officials play an instrumental role in curating an environment that fosters skill enhancement and holistic player development. Collaborating seamlessly with the Club Executive Committee, they drive initiatives that align with the club's vision, ensuring both coaches and players are provided with the best resources and methodologies to succeed.

Primary Responsibilities

Program Development: Innovate and deploy the club's coaching and player development strategy.

Activity Coordination: Organise coaching sessions, training camps, and other developmental endeavours, ensuring optimal player and volunteer engagement.

Coach Management: Direct and review the performance of the club's coaching fraternity, ensuring adherence to the club's coaching ethos.

Player Assessment: Systematically monitor and evaluate the growth trajectory of players, ensuring they are aligned with their individual and the club's collective goals.

Networking: Establish and nurture affiliations with peer clubs and National Team Official Committee, capitalising on collaborative opportunities for coaching and player progression.

Financial Stewardship: Coordinate with the Club Treasurer, meticulously managing the financials pertaining to coaching and player growth initiatives.


Certified Expertise: Possession of a recognised coaching accreditation.

Sport Acumen: Comprehensive understanding of roller hockey and up-to-date coaching methodologies.

Competitive Exposure: Experience in either coaching or playing roller hockey at a competitive level.

Leadership & Communication: Proficient leadership abilities coupled with stellar communication skills.

Adaptable Coaching: Adeptness in catering to a diverse player demographic, both in terms of age and skill.

Developmental Strategy: Acquaintance with contemporary player development tactics and frameworks.

Team Oversight: Experience in leading and reviewing coaching staff and developmental initiatives.

Organisational Prowess: Exemplary skills in organising, planning, and budgeting, ensuring operational efficiency.

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