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Job Description: Club Treasurer

Committee Membership

Key Dates

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Position Overview

As the financial custodian of the club, the Club Treasurer oversees the financial landscape, ensuring transparency, accuracy, and accountability in all monetary dealings. Collaborating closely with the Club Executive Committee, they provide pivotal insights into the financial health and guide strategic financial decisions to further the club's ambitions.

Primary Responsibilities

Financial Stewardship: Preserve precise financial archives for the club, ensuring transparency and accountability.

Budget Management: Oversee the club's budget, routinely offering updates on the club's financial standing.

Income Management: Effectively collect and deposit all financial inflows the club generates.

Expense Oversight: Assure that all outflows are rightly sanctioned and documented.

Financial Reporting: Compile and present financial reports to the Club Executive Committee and, when necessary, external entities.

Regulatory Compliance: Guarantee the club's adherence to pertinent financial protocols and mandates.

Professional Liaison: Engage with financial entities like banks and accountants, ensuring the club's financial interests are optimally managed.

Strategic Collaboration: Work in tandem with the Club Executive Committee, aligning financial strategies with the club's mission and objectives.


Financial Proficiency: Experience in finance, accounting, or bookkeeping.

Detail-Oriented: An inherent focus on precision and organisation.

Analytical Prowess: Robust problem-solving capabilities coupled with analytical skills.

Regulatory Familiarity: Awareness of the prevailing financial regulations and mandates.

Effective Communication: Stellar interpersonal and communication abilities.

Team Player: Demonstrated ability to collaborate and function seamlessly within a team setup.

Sport Enthusiasm: A genuine passion for bolstering the club's aspirations and the broader world of roller hockey.

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