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Job Description: National Team Officials

Committee Membership

Key Dates

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Position Overview

National Team Officials serves as the cornerstone for fostering coaching excellence and player development across the national spectrum of roller hockey. They shape the trajectory of player growth, from novices to the nation's elite, ensuring alignment with the broader association goals. This role is pivotal in crafting a long-term vision for player advancement, endorsing rigorous standards for coaching qualifications, and fortifying the national teams' readiness for international competitions.

Primary Responsibilities

Strategic Player and Coaching Development: Collaborate with the National Coaching Director to craft and execute a forward-thinking strategy for nationwide coaching and player development.

Resource and Program Formulation: Pioneer the creation of comprehensive training, education, and resource provisions for coaches, trainers, and players at various proficiency levels.

Mentoring and Guidance: Offer vital mentorship and guidance to regional and club-affiliated coaches, trainers, and players, ensuring alignment with national standards.

Talent Recognition and Advancement: Spearhead national talent identification initiatives, ensuring that budding and existing talents receive necessary developmental opportunities.

National Team Staff Selection: In unison with the National Coaching Director, oversee the meticulous selection and nurturing of the national team's coaching and developmental staff.

International Networking: Cultivate and uphold relations with global coaching and player development entities, ensuring the wider association remains abreast of international best practices.

Competition Readiness: Engage with the National Competitions Committee and National Match Officials Committee to ascertain that coaching and player development requisites are impeccably met for national contests.


Industry Expertise: Proven track record in roller hockey coaching and player growth, coupled with a nuanced grasp of contemporary coaching methodologies and developmental trends.

Leadership Prowess: Demonstrable leadership capabilities with strong communication and collaboration acumen.

Program Development: Experience in conceptualising, launching, and overseeing player and coaching developmental initiatives.

Stakeholder Engagement: Aptitude for effective collaboration with volunteers, organisational staff, and external associates.

Global Roller Hockey Insight: A well-rounded understanding of the global roller hockey milieu, including benchmark practices in coaching and player nurturing.

Talent Scouting: Proficiency in identifying and fostering roller hockey talent.

Organisational Alignment: A sincere dedication to the holistic growth of players, trainers, and coaches, reflecting the associations core values and mission.

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