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Job Description: Region Team Officials

Committee Membership

Key Dates

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Position Overview

Region Team Officials stands at the forefront of coaching and player growth within their region. In sync with the National Team Officials Committee, they strive to ensure programs are both cohesive and in alignment with overarching national aims and priorities.

Primary Responsibilities

Program Development: Craft and execute region-specific coaching and player advancement programs, in alignment with the national strategy.

Coach Management: Recruit, educate, and certify coaches and trainers within the region.

Talent Cultivation: Recognise and nurture promising players to reach their full potential.

Inter-Regional Collaboration: Work with region peers to champion and streamline player and coach exchanges.

National Alignment: Collaborate within the National Team Officials Committee to harmonise regional undertakings with national goals.

Representation: Serve as the region's voice on the National Team Officials Committee.


Coaching Expertise: Knowledge and experience in coaching and player development.

Communication Mastery: Superior communication and interpersonal capabilities.

Collaborative Spirit: Demonstrated ability to work harmoniously and effectively with others.

Programmatic Experience: Proven track record in program conceptualisation and rollout.

Strategic Vision: Ability to design and implement robust plans and strategies.

Regulatory Familiarity: Proficient understanding of pertinent rules, regulations, and best practices in coaching and player nurturing.

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