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National executive Committee


The National Executive Committee (NEC) is responsible for the associations administrative and decision-making processes. Constituted by volunteers with significant experience in various aspects of the sport and its management, the NEC is the principal body overseeing the holistic development of roller hockey within England. Its members work collaboratively to provide direction to regions, clubs, and sub-committees, ensuring that the sport maintains a consistent trajectory of growth, excellence, and compliance.

From defining the strategic goals of the association to establishing and monitoring a comprehensive framework of operational policies, the NEC is central to the associations functioning. It ensures that the activities of the association, whether grassroots initiatives or national-level competitions, align with the associations mission and objectives.

Primary Responsibilities

Vision Crafting: Define and refine the strategic goals for the advancement of England Roller Hockey.

Policy Framework: Develop and regularly update the operational policies and guidelines underpinning the organization's activities.

Performance Oversight: Monitor and evaluate the performance of various organizational units including regions, clubs, and committees.

Financial Stewardship: Supervise the organization’s financial operations, including budget formulation and financial reporting.

Regulatory Adherence: Ensure consistent adherence to legal requirements and industry standards.

Stakeholder Relations: Cultivate and maintain relationships with key stakeholders, including sponsors, partners, and affiliated organizations.

Player & Coach Advancement: Support and oversee initiatives aimed at enhancing the skills and proficiency of players and coaches.

Competition Management: Coordinate and supervise roller hockey competitions throughout England.

Match Official Dynamics: Oversee the training, deployment, and performance of referees and other match officials.

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