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Levels 1, 2 and 3 of the England Academy are delivered within the region by each regions Head Coach per the national syllabus and supervised by the National Coaching Director. 

Players are assessed at every training session, with records kept on development and progress monitored on a regular basis, with movement between levels determined by an individuals progress in a competitive, monthly, training environment.

This allows for young players who may significantly improve and emerge over the course of a season and is also useful in cases of injury/illness or simply where it is felt necessary to deselect a player by placing them in a lower Level until they can regularly demonstrate they meet the criteria of a higher level of training. It is normal for children to move up or down levels through the course of a season.

Parents are welcome to contact the National Coaching Director or Region Head Coach to discuss their child’s progress or interest in attending. 

Club Coaches seeking inclusion of a new player in England Academy - Level 1 should click here to complete the required form.

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